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How to create a Ribbon Curl

A ribbon curl is just like the shape you get when you curl gift ribbon. It has a spiral shape but the hair has a more tube like appearance like Shirley Temple curls. To create this affect when curling hair, you must use medium width sections of one and a half inches. Start the curl at least two inches away from the root of the hair. The width of the hair must be kept flat against the barrel at all times and the section of the hair cannot get twisted as it goes around. This does require more care but with some practice you will be able to control the wrapping easily. Do not comb or brush these types of curls after you have created them because they will easily lose their ribbon like appearance. If you wish to loosen or lengthen them, only gently pull on the section at the tip of the hair. You should spray the hair immediately with a holding hairspray to help keep the shape of the curls.



How to create a Spiral Curl

A spiral curl can be created by curling hair with a small-medium size barrel. To achieve a good spiral curl it is best to use smaller sections of hair and it is best if they have a more random distribution around the head and not divided into obvious rows etc as it will look too forced. You should spray the section with a heat protective spray and mildly twist the section of hair so it is kept close together. Hold the hair for a little longer on the barrel for this style of curl. To make sure the spiral curl keeps its shape, hold the hair as you slide it off the barrel and scrunch it up so the curl does not drop. Spray with a holding hairspray straight away before you move on to the next section. Once you have completed all sections, gently loosen apart the sections with your fingers. Do not use a brush or comb on your hair once the hair has been curled.



How to create Wavy Style Curls

To create a wavy hairstyle in which it looks like ripples or waves going down the length of the hair, you will need to work with wide sections of hair of approximately 3 inches wide. Once you have combed a section of hair ready to use, spray it with a heat protective spray. Gather the hair together at the root of the hair and wrap it around the barrel. Hold for seven seconds and the slide the hair off the barrel. While the hair is still warm, gently pull on the end of the hair to loosen and elongate the curl. Always start curling hair from the lower sections first and finish with the top layer.



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