It’s a wish of every woman to have wavy and curly hair like many of the celebrities have. Going to a salon to curl your hair is not always easy and affordable. So there are a few tips that can help you to create the best looks.

Have you ever wanted the sweet curls of Taylor swift, the effortless curled styles that Jessica Simpson has or have you ever wanted to recreate those large sexy curls Kim Kardashian is famous for? Then read on because we will give you some great tips on how to curl your hair so you can have these looks too.

Every time we see Taylor Swift she looks amazing and always manages to have beautiful curly hair that has a soft and romantic look. The best way to create your own Taylor Swift inspired hairstyle is to use a curling iron with a barrel that has a small diameter to curl your hair. It would also be better to use one that does not have a clamp so you do not get any annoying kinks or creases. Because Taylor Swift has small tight curls that have a natural look, it is best to only apply a small amount of styling product to your hair so it does not look too forced or unnatural. Section your hair into small sections, curl your hair right up to the root and hold the hair on the curling iron for the maximum time allowed so you create small tight curls. Remove the hair gently and slide the hair off while holding the curl in place with your other hand. While the hair is still warm, gently pull the tip of the hair down to slightly loosen the curl. Do not brush or comb it at this point. Once you have finished all the sections, spray over your hair with a holding hairspray then gently run your fingers through your hair just to separate any curls that have stuck together. You can tie up some or all your hair or add some flowers to get the perfect Taylor Swift look.

Jessica Simpson is known for her range of different gorgeous hairstyles but one popular style that is always admired are those big bombshell curls. To help create this style you will need a medium to large sized ceramic curling wand to curl you hair. To begin, section off your hair and begin with the bottom layer. Curl your hair like you would curl it if you were trying to create tight curls. Once you have completed all the sections, let your hair cool down. You then need to take a fine toothed comb and gently brush through your hair. Because your hair has cooled down, you won’t lose the curls and it will give it a much more natural bouncy look. All that is left to do is to apply a sleeking agent and you have created gorgeous curls like Jessica Simpson.

To get sexy voluminous curls why not curl your hair like Kim Kardashian. Now if you want hair like Kim, you will get the best results if you have long hair. If you don’t have long hair, then don’t worry because you can add length and volume to your hair quickly and easily with clip in hair extensions. Use a large barrel curling iron and only start the curl just below the level of your ear so the top is straight and the curl is on the bottom. An important thing to do is to alternate the direction of the curl from section to section so one curls in and the other curls out and so on. This will prevent the sections from getting stuck together in one big curl.  Once you have completed all the sections, run your fingers gently through your hair. Do not brush it as this will make the curls falls out. Spray on some hair product that will give a shine and hold to the hair and you are done. Yes, it is that easy.

With the use of different sized curling irons you can easily create a range of celebrity looks at home. We always suggest you use a curling iron to curl your hair as it gives the best results and they are easy to use. Whether you want big loose curls like Kim Kardashian or cute tight curls like Taylor Swift, with a bit of practice you can easily create the hollywood look without having to spends hundreds at the salon. Trying different ways to curl your hair is always fun so enjoy experimenting with the latest styles.